We paint, we draw, we stick, we build, we create but most of all we have fun. The sessions are in age groups with 6 - 10’s and 11+ - the younger group will mostly work on projects that will be completed in a session or 2 - we will look at different artists and find a bit about them, we will look at art around the world and how different cultures have different art styles, we will begin to look at colour and learn how to mix colours, we will learn how to use different materials and methods, we will work from both references and our imaginations. All these things will help to fuel creativity and build confidence. 


The 11+ group will start to learn about the value of keeping sketchbooks and how to make useful annotations, we will become more experimental and try out new mediums, we will get further into colour theory and how colours work together, we will look at other artists and how they can influence our own work, we will start building skills that can help towards GCSE and A level art and design. Students are encouraged to follow their own paths when they are ready, building upon the foundations that we will build together as a group. 


The junior art clubs for 6-10’s are on Wednesday after school and Saturday 10am and 12pm and the 11+ are Thursday after school and Saturday 2pm  - each session is £12 and is booked on a week by week basis - all materials are provided as well as refreshments. There is also a £2 reduction for siblings.