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Our journaling classes are so relaxed and fun - we get to play with a variety of papers, pens and paints and experiment with colour, pattern and texture. Your journal can be about something or nothing, some people like to use theirs as a diary or to record favourite recipes or places, to illustrate phrases and sayings that mean something to them  or for some it can be totally random, whatever they fancy on the day. I will provide you with a wide range of materials, help with ideas and techniques and you don’t need to be able draw and paint to journal of course some people do do beautiful drawings but others cut out and stick in pictures and caption them, there is no right or wrong, the hardest part is allowing your imagination to run away with you but once you do then the ideas will flow. 


Journaling class runs alongside our art class on Thursday evenings 6.30 - 8.30 - the session is £15 and is booked on a week by week basis - all materials including a journal are provided as well as refreshments. 

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