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Art Gallery


We are now taking submissions of artwork - just get in touch with any enquiries. 

How it works - Artists can display their work for up to 12 weeks, if their work sells in this time a commission is payable to Art Smart. If, after 12 weeks, the artwork is unsold it will be returned to the artist. If there is not a waiting list for spaces there will be an option for it to remain in the gallery until space is needed. 

Unlike most galleries, there is not a selection process. As long as the artwork is not considered offensive or upsetting to children then it can be displayed and sold. We are first and foremost an art school that has many children visiting so our main consideration is to them. All artwork must be framed and ready to hang. There will be a limit of up to 5 pieces per artist depending on size, and we are mostly taking wall art at present, although there is limited space for small 3d items. This service is open to both professional and amateur artists.

All artwork will be priced between £20 and £250  and a 25% commission is taken by the gallery once a piece is sold. 

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